Corporate Social Responsibility

It is a well-known fact that CSR is a great opportunity to strengthen any business. Moreover, ‘Protection, Preservation & Propagation of National Heritage, Art & Culture’ is considered to be an important CSR activity according to Companies Act 2013. Dilli Durbar 2019 is a festival oriented towards the cause of saving the dying art of Hindustani Classical Music. Studies have shown that not even one percent of India’s middle aged population listens to classical music, let alone the youth.

Where does the problem lie? Why has Classical Music become synonymous to ‘slow’ and ‘boring’? Why has it lost its audiences? The answer is – Indian classical music lost most of its means of patronage and exposure with the coming of a new India; and with patronage it lost its prestige, glamour and popularity. But we, the members of the Dilli Gharana vouch for the one thing that it hasn’t lost throughout these years – its magic, that is so sublime and enchantingly pure.

Indian Classical Music is undoubtedly one of the greatest gifts to our nation which should be celebrated with pride and grandeur. Instead we are trapped in a situation where it seems as though very soon recitals of ragas and raginis would become mere tales for the generations to come.

There is an immediate need to take serious steps towards promoting Classical Music in India, on similar lines as was done for jazz a century ago, which today has grown out to be one of the finest on the global stage. Or else, like Yoga, Indian Classical Music will too depart from its homeland to form a part of the National Treasuries of countries like USA and UK. Hence we urge you to take interest in Dilli Durbar 2019, and consider it as a part of your CSR activities