Dilli Gharana Productions

Delhi Gharana Productions is the production house for all kinds of music-related programmes that are curated for various live as well as digital events. The DG Productions is accredited to having brought a new concept to the Organisation, which envisioned fusing the artistic treasury of Delhi Gharana with an Urdu art-form called Dastangoi, an oral art of story-telling. Following are the details.

Currently we have the following productions on plate, which are as grand as Broadway in its look and feel, and are successfully being performed all over India, by the students and senior members of the Delhi Conservatoire – Rudaad-e-Shireen: A Celebration of Womanhood, Ghalib, Begam, Umrao ki Nazar Se and Dastan-e-Ishq.


A tale of a woman’s struggle to achieve her identity in a patriarchal setup, Rudaad-e- Shireen is a Musical Dastangoi based on the folk musical outputs of Hazrat Ameer Khusro like Jhoola Geet, Sawela, Keh Mukarni, Qaul, Qawwali, Bidai, Banhda Geet and Baarahmaasa Geet.

Ghalib ,Begam Umrao ki Nazar Se

A Musical Dastangoi conceptualized and directed by Ustad Iqbal Ahmed Khan, Ghalib, Begam Umrao ki Nazar Se is an innovative production that blends the raga based Ghazal singing within the traditional art-form of Dastangoi. The plot, revolving around the life of Mirza Asad Ullah Khan Ghalib, and the story highlighting the plight, struggle and tribulations of his personal life, the piece has been narrated from her wife’s perspective, for hers was a life filled with uninterrupted affliction, suffering and grief, this angle rather unknown to the masses.


Dastaan-e-Khusro Shireen is a romantic folklore adapted from the epic of Shirni Farhad. Borrowed from the Sufi repertoire of Hazrat Ameer Khusro, the music has been contemporized by Ustad Iqbal Ahmed Khan to suit the tastes of the youth. Right from the time of its inception, Dastaan-e-Khusro Shireen has received much love and appreciation from its viewers and critics.