A 1200-year old musical tradition and the oldest of the gharanas in India

The Dilli Gharana is in the present times, a one-of-its kind institution that works solely towards promoting Indian Classical Music amongst the youth. From organising festivals and creating music-based Dastangoi productions to recording & archiving and providing Guru-Shishya parampara based high quality education the gharana continually involves itself in finding ways of showcasing the rich repertoire of Shastriya Sangeet; a repertoire which includes not only classical compositions, but also various semi-classical, sufi and folk genres of thumri, dadra, ghazal, naqsh-gul, qalbana, qaul, qawwali, sehre-suhaag, banhda-geet, jhoola-geet, barahmaasa, hawa-baseet etc.

The Dilli Gharana currently runs under its wings three organisations.

With an aim to present classical music unto the masses of Delhi and neighbouring regions, the Sursagar Society was established in 1940.

Located in Old Delhi, just about 800 metres from Mousiqui Manzil, the Ameer Khusro Institute of Music offers various educational services.

Delhi Gharana Productions is the production house for all kinds of music-related programmes that are curated for various live as well as digital events.